Ladies of Lombard

It’s startiiiiing! I’m finally getting some of my ladies lashed and beautiful in the suburbs, and I’m loving it! I’ve met a handful of some amazing women who have wanted to get their lashes done. Whether it’s for every day life or special occasions… these ladies looked gorgeous.

I realized a big hit out there was petite sets. For those of you who don’t know what a petite set is, it means I’m only lashing about 50% of your lashes as opposed to 100% on the full set. I’m not always a big fan of petite sets because you never know how it may look when a client opens their eyes. Their expectations might be shattered because they wanted a fuller look, but the petite set sometimes doesn’t deliver! However, that wasn’t the case for these ladies! All the petite sets I did these past two weeks (I believe there was 3 or 4 of them), looked SO GREAT on these women!

So I wanted to say thank you and give a huge shout out to these ladies who took time out of their busy lives / schedules / families etc. to come see me even though my Esty room isn’t set up fully yet. You guys were so much fun to meet and spend time with, and I truly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you, and I hope I see you all soon for your fills!

Suburban Life


Well! I’m excited to announce that I am slowly going independent! I’ve been working as an Esthetician for about a year now, and Lord knows I’ve paid my dues [not just as an Esty, but previous employers included]. I’ve slowly been preparing by making the appropriate steps to obtain my business license, resale certificate, purchasing all new equipment and products… man, it’s a lot! However, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done … career-wise.

Starting this November I will become an independent Esthetician at Aria Salon, as well as opening up a single room in a Chicago suburb. I will be in charge of my own scheduling, products, equipment, appointments, etc. Luckily, my current boss has ALWAYS given me opportunity to make my own decisions, and that has helped tremendously in terms of feeling the confidence to start my own business. I truly feel so blessed to have him as a boss.

This past Monday I weened myself in to my suburb room by taking two clients; one was a family friend, and the other a friend of a friend. It was great to slowly get clients in there even though I’m not fully set-up yet. It feels amazing to know how much support I’m getting from both  my Chicago clients and my suburban clients.

Needless to say, both services went extremely well yesterday [you never know how it’s going to go when you work in a new space]. My lash client [shown above] was BEYOND thrilled when she opened her eyes for the first time with her new lashes, and her reaction solidified why I do what I do. She was such a beautiful soul on the inside, but when she opened her eyes, you could tell she felt like a whole new person, and that. felt. great.!

So cheers to new opportunities for my “Aly the Esty” business, my Chicago clients and my new suburban life [& clients]!

Retin-WHAT? Retin-WHY?

I want to take a moment and talk about something that most of us have heard of, but some of us don’t understand; Retinol/Retin-A.

I get it… this stuff is confusing. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and there’s a thousand different things we are trying to take care of when it comes to our skin. However, I’ve recently done more research on retinol/retin-A because I have an amazing mask from Jan Marini that I use on my clients called Retinol Plus, and I decided to dive in a little more to see how it helps the skin. I know that if I have more questions, I’m sure my clients might and I’m sure all my millions of blog readers {lol} have similar inquiries as well!

So here’s the run-down, the down-low, the 4-1-1, the skinny, the scoop – if you will, on Retinol/Retin-A, what it does and what the differences are:

  • Derived from Vitamin A
  • Helps improve appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & pores
  • Retinol is more natural & mixed with humectants to create cream-like substance for product use
  • Retin-A is not natural; made in labs for prescription form medication
  • Both speed up cell turnover (slough away dead skin cells)
  • Both used for acne & fine lines
  • Both accomplish same results, but Retin-A works faster than Retinol

Some people shy away from Retinol because they fear their skin may peel. Peeling is a side effect which means not everyone peels; don’t let it scare you. To avoid peeling, er on the side of caution when purchasing a Retinol-based product, and make sure you use a product that says “for sensitive skin”. This will help ween you in to using the product and eventually build up your tolerance.

When your skin drys out a bit, the dead/dry skin cells are then removed quickly which clears away any clogged pores. It keeps your dead skin cells from sticking together and clogging those beautiful pores of yours!

Retinol isn’t something you should avoid until you encounter a skin issue. You can use a tiny bit “for sensitive skin” to prevent acne and anti-aging. You should view taking care of your skin by trying to prevent issues from happening. You don’t want to wait for an issue to arise and THEN take care of it. Do you wait to brush, floss and use mouth wash until you have a cavity {ew and gross, stinky breath}? NO! Nip it in the bud!

However, I wouldn’t suggest Retin-A unless you already have a serious skin issue occuring; but that’s for the doctors to tell you since it’s a prescription!

I hope this helped!

Wish[ne]’s Do Come True!


This beautiful woman that you see above ^^ has been coming to me for several months, and she’s one of my biggest cheerleaders. She comes in every time full of life with the biggest smile on her face with nothing but positive things to say, and it makes my day SO MUCH FUN! Every time she comes in we have to use several under eye pads because the laughter is unreal. That’s besides the point… I’ve lost track…

Every time I work on her, whether it be facials, waxing or lashes, she always puts so much trust in me and lets me do whatever I feel will give her the best results. Without a doubt, she has had some of the best results with all the treatments that I’ve done on her, and it stills amazes me!

We have tried numerous lash lengths, widths and styles on her, and she is one of my clients who can keep those bad-boys on! How does she do it? I tell each of my clients before we start lashing that lashes last differently for each person. It depends on your life style, make-up, weather, and your skins natural oils. Sometimes I won’t see her for 5 weeks [borderline unreal], and sometimes I’ll see here ever 3.5 to 4 weeks.

I tell my clients who see me every 2 weeks to not get discouraged, because I myself am a 2 weeker and this is my career. No one is doing anything “wrong” (unless you’re just plain yankin’ on them, dousing your face in oil, or caking make-up on them), if you come in more frequently, and my 5 weekers aren’t doing anything more special than my 2 weekers.

The point of me calling attention to the 4-5 weekers is to show new clients that these lashes CAN and WILL last with great maintenance and continued up-keep.

I would also like to point out that the same woman in the photo above came to me with lashes that I like to call “chicken feathers” [lol sorry, girl… you know I love you]. They were more difficult to lash at the beginning because they were very short, thin and went in several directions. However, NOW her natural lashes are some of the longest, thickest lashes I’ve ever seen. So for those of you who are nervous to try these due to the fear of what they might do to your natural lashes… let me tell you that they actually help them grow.

For the Love of My Clients… Here’s my Thank-You!

I think it’s important to be grateful for all the wonderful clients I have. It’s a lot of hard work to build your business and do your best every single day to meet each clients expectations. However, I have been beyond blessed with all my wonderful clients that have come my way.

It really hit me two days ago when I was changing my room over from one client to the next, and I realized how excited I was for each client to come in. You guys really are the best, and you make my day so much fun! You all have amazingly different personalities which keep my days filled with entertainment!

I wanted to thank all of you regular clients [and new ones] for sticking with me and having faith in what I do! If you are a returning client and you’re reading this, please enjoy one 30% off one service of your choice  during the month of September! For all my new clients, please enjoy 20% off your first visit with me during the month of September!

Thank you all, and I hope to see you soon!


** please mention discount at the time of appointment!

OUCH! Do Those Hurt?


Bare with me… I know those pictures are a little hard to see. However, I need to share a story with you.

I had a new lash client come in who wanted a fill. I always get a little anxious/excited when I have a new client coming in for a fill. This means they went somewhere else for their initial appointment and they either weren’t happy with their previous lash artist or moved [those are usually the only two instances].

Well, my new client came in, and was one of the nicest women I had ever met. She explained that she has been moving and wanted to find a salon close to her and she’s tried a couple different lash artists and hasn’t been happy. She explained that the last artist she went to didn’t do what she wanted and that they weren’t that noticeable. She said she found me on instagram – THANK YOU! [@alytheesty]- and loved my work – YAY!

I took a look and noticed she had some volume lashes on. I asked if she knew she had them on and she told me she had no idea. As I was brushing through them, my brush kept getting stuck and lashes were flying left and right like confetti at a surprise party.

I ended up having to take more than half of her previous lashes off in order to get the new ones on with the look she told me she wanted. The lashes I had to take off had SO MUCH GLUE on them, were placed horribly [I’m talkin’ half way up the lash when they should be placed 1mm from the eyelid], the bases of the lash extensions were sticking up and diagonally, not to mention the “volume lashes” were way too thick to be considered for volume [more on that later]… it was a mess. I felt so bad for her.

After about two hours of work, I finally finished. She opened her eyes and the first thing she said was “Wow! I can’t even feel them!” LADIES! If you open your eyes after having extensions put on and you can feel them… RED FLAG! You should never be able to feel your extensions. They should be weightless like your real lashes.

Silly me forgot to take an after picture, but I did get the after math of the volume lash confetti surprise party that took place. If you ever see your lashes coming off with huge chunks of glue and lashes in all different directions, please call your lash artist back for help, or better yet, call a new one because OUCH! Those must hurt.

Vegas, Baby!


I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to one of my clients who did an amazing 2 week retention job! With everyone’s crazy schedules, lifestyles, etc… this beautiful lady got her lashes done and went to Vegas for a crazy weekend and came back with more than 50% on. ATTA GIRL!

Excuse Me, I Have a Question!


It truly is great to be in a salon that does both hair and esthetic services. We have so many wonderful people that come in on a daily basis that make our jobs so much fun!

About two weeks ago, I met this wonderful woman who is relatively new to Chicago. She was getting her hair done by one of my coworkers and saw that we offer eyelash extensions. My coworker called me over while I was between clients and told me his client had some questions regarding lashes. She was SO friendly and asked some great questions.

I know there are some of you out there who don’t know what questions to ask, or you think you’re being annoying by asking too many questions. Well, I’m here to tell you that the more questions the better! Don’t ever go in to a service without having all your questions answered and feeling 100% confident in what your stylist is doing.

Some great questions I get asked are:

Do they damage my real lashes? [Absolutely not! Just make sure you’re going to a certified lash artist.]

Can I wear mascara? [I don’t recommend it unless the mascara is eyelash extension friendly. However, you would also need eyelash extension friendly make-up remover…]

How often do I need to get them filled? [This solely depends on the person and their daily routines, habits and skin (see below).]

Is it expensive? [This subject is always a bit uncomfortable because I’m not a financial advisor. However, the first time costs the most as it is the initial appointment, but after that, the fills are far less “expensive”.]

How much does the first set cost versus getting them filled? [These are just my prices, but each lash artist charges differently. I charge $199 for a full set and $130 for a petite set. If you get fills every 2-3 weeks I charge $45, and every 4-6 weeks I charge $55.]

What makes them come off? [Depending on your skin type, natural oily skin can contribute to them coming off faster. I have very oily eyelids (especially during summer) which has me getting my lashes done every 2 weeks. If you work out in a gym or do hot yoga, the humidity and muggy atmospheres will loosen the adhesive quicker (I also tell clients to try showering with the door open or turning the fan on). If you’re a tummy sleeper, laying flat on your face will cause some wear and tear and make them to come off. However, we can’t change how we sleep, so make sure you’re doing as much as you can in your waking state to keep them on! The last key factor to keeping them on is not getting them wet… especially with the water pressure in the shower. I always recommend that my clients wash their face before getting in the shower, or using a wash cloth while in the shower.]

I know there are 100 other questions you may have, but these are the most frequently asked ones. Feel free to contact me and ask as many as you’d like just like my client in the above picture. I promise it will make your lash experience so much better!

Transformation Station

Normally when I work with my lash clients, I always ask to take before and after pictures because the transformation is instant and there’s a huge WOW-factor after about two hours of work. However, when it comes to my facial clients, I never take before and after pictures, which I am now regretting more than ever!

I’ve been at Aria Salon for roughly 9 months, and I’ve been seeing one client, who we’ll call Susan, for about 5 months. Susan comes in about every four weeks and gets my Microderm/Facial Combo. Her main concern is working on anti-aging and reducing fine lines. For those of you who are familiar, to see any sort of difference or transformation in your skin, you must keep up with your facials, microderms, peels, etc. If you don’t, it’s like getting your hair colored once and wondering why your roots grew back and why it didn’t stay that one color forever. You must keep up with it to see a difference and to keep up with great skin.

Well, this past Saturday Susan came in for her regular Microderm/Facial Combo treatment, and I was SO HAPPY to see how much her fine lines had diminished. She was ecstatic when I told her how much of a difference I could see from the last time I saw her.  There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the difference you’re making in your clients trouble areas. THIS is why I am kicking myself for not taking a before and after picture, but believe me this is the last time I’ll make that mistake!

Anybody else looking to make a transformation?!